What Are The Uses of CBN?

What Are The Uses of CBN?

What Are The Uses of CBN?

When we talk about cannabis and THC, everyone knows which cannabinoid we are referring to. However, what if we talked about CBN or cannabinol? Could you tell what properties this compound has, and what is its relationship with other cannabinoids such as THC? If your answer is No, then read on. If you already know what CBN is, don’t miss this article either. In it, we tell you about some of the health benefits of cannabinol as well as the prospects for this cannabinoid.

The Clarification

Although we have just said that CBN is one of the more than one hundred cannabinoids that we find in the Cannabis sativa plant, it is necessary to clarify this definition a little more. This is especially true if we take into account that this compound is produced by heating or oxidation of THC. It is common to find large amounts of cannabinol in marijuana intended for consumption that has been poorly stored or that has been collected for a long time. It is important to know this when you are looking to obtain CBN oil or other similar products. 

The Traces

For some people, this may be something negative (especially for those who seek recreational use with this plant), but the truth is that CBN is very interesting from a therapeutic point of view. Unlike other cannabinoids like CBD or THC, CBN is not found naturally in cannabis plants. Or rather, we hardly find traces of this cannabinoid in them. On the contrary, it is a substance that is formed from the degradation of THC, either through oxidation or by the application of heat. That is why the greater the amount of THC, the greater the amount of CBN we will have.

Uses of CBN

At this point, many will ask the following question: “If CBN is extracted directly from THC, the psychoactive principle in cannabis, does that mean that CBN is also a psychotropic substance?” The answer is no. It is true that CBN has sedative properties that could make us think that it has a certain psychoactive effect. However, unlike THC, CBN does not produce changes in our mental state. We will not laugh without stopping and we will not see our perception of reality altered either. On the contrary, among the benefits it has for health are:

  • Has a sedative effect, which promotes sleep
  • It is useful for treating pain, nausea, and vomiting
  • Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Increases appetite
  • Lowers intraocular pressure, making it a useful treatment for glaucoma
  • It is useful for the treatment of psoriasis
  • Boost bone health

However, and as with any other cannabinoid or medicine, before starting to use them, you should consult a specialist. After all, depending on your own physical characteristics and your medical history, its use could be contraindicated. In addition, only a professional will know how to tell you how much to use and how to take it to obtain all its benefits.


For a few years, the scientific community has focused on cannabinoids and how they can improve your health. Therefore, you can expect to see an increase in the number of future scientific studies in this regard. Finally, once there is more data and a better understanding of the uses and contraindications of CBN, everything points to a revolution as you may have already seen with CBD.