Vegan influencer Freelee the Banana Girl shares ‘insane’ daily diet on TikTok

An Australian vegan famous for roasting other people’s eating habits has baffled her followers after sharing a typical day of “raw food eating”.

Freelee the Banana Girl, real name Leanne Ratcliffe, has more than 770,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she is famous for sharing her extreme eating regimen, which includes eating mostly uncooked foods.

But she’s recently joined TikTok, sharing a video that’s been viewed more than 3.6 million times, where she revealed what she typically eats in the day, starting off with half a watermelon.

Next, Leanne had more fruit, eating four ice cream bananas grown on her North Queensland property for a “snack”.

Lunch was more fruit, “nice” cream that was – you guessed it – “banana based, and it’s from a local company”.

“For a snack in the afternoon I had these organic Turkish figs which were really juicy, yummy. Great source of iron,” Leanne said. “I then picked a papaya from one of our trees and it was like apricot jam.”

Finishing off the day Leanne ate her first cooked meal of the day.

“For dinner I made this amazing coconut curry, coconut from the property – it turned out really really delicious, lots of curry spices,” she said.

She then had “durian for dessert”, explaining that her raw food diet had been “around 2700” calories.

Leanne’s video got thousands of comments, with many people divided over her diet.

An Aussie vegan's 'raw food' diet has her followers baffled. Photo / Supplied
An Aussie vegan’s ‘raw food’ diet has her followers baffled. Photo / Supplied

“Where’s the meals? These are snacks. Where’s the carbs? It’s all fruit and veg? where’s the water?” one person wrote.

“I drink water but this is what I EAT in a day. Where’s the carbs?? This day is about 75 per cent of calories carbs,” Leanne wrote back.

While another person sarcastically commented: “It’s the protein deficiency for me.”

“I’m vegan but like … almost your whole diet is fruit. Where’s the beans, rice, legumes, vegetables, more nuts,” another wrote.

Others said the diet wasn’t attainable or realistic, with one person commenting: “How can you afford it, what do you do as a career.”

But some people defended her diet, saying it was inspirational and “all looks amazing”.

“Because of you I went vegan 3 years ago and never been happier, healthier and fitter. Keep going queen,” one person wrote.

“Why are you guys judging her when you survive off iced coffee and cheetos?” another commented.

Following a healthy plant-based diet has been proven to have the lowest risk of heart disease, but research published by Harvard Medical School in 2017 stated those following an unhealthy plant-based diet -fruit juices, refined grains, fries and sugar-sweetened beverages – had a substantially higher risk of heart disease.

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