This Guy Explains How He Got Shredded Abs in 30 Days

When lockdown began, it forced a lot of us to adjust our fitness routines considerably, and come up with ways to train without access to the usual gym equipment. And even now gyms are starting to reopen, some people are choosing to continue working out at home. Like Brendan Jones from YouTube’s Goal Guys, who is well and truly back on it following his six-week ab transformation last year.

Using minimal workout equipment (a pair of pushup grips and an ab wheel), Jones sets out to determine how much he can improve his core definition and strength in just one month. The exercise portion of the challenge revolves around an ab circuit workout consisting of 50 seconds each of deadbugs, leg kicks, side-to-sides, reverse crunches, and bicycles, repeated a total of four times.

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When he’s done with the circuit, he continues training his core on the abs wheel, and finishes with a side-plank. He repeated this workout three times a week, then does supplementary exercises on the off days that still engaged his core, such as dumbbell squats, which can be performed while holding anything sufficiently heavy that you have around the house.

Jones would usually pair this routine with fat-burning cardio, but as a hamstring injury precluded him from running or skipping, he sticks to 1-hour walks during the first week. As the month progresses, he is able to introduce higher intensity cardio like basketball.

Jones doesn’t make any huge changes to his diet to begin with, ensuring he’s getting a lot of protein in addition to vegetables and carbs. Then, in the final week of the challenge, he starts eating at a caloric deficit to aid in burning belly fat.

In order to test what effect all of this training might have on his core strength, Jones practices the notoriously challenging L-sit regularly throughout the month, and tracks his progress. While there are no visible results to begin with, he is pleased to find he has more strength in just 10 days; he is able to complete his ab circuits with less difficulty, and has improved in his L-sit.

“With these early improvements in strength, I decided to adjust the last two weeks of my routine,” he says. “So I’m doing more demanding ab exercises three times a week, and using rest days to concentrate on my obliques.”

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Jones drops 3 pounds in the final week, and by the end of the challenge his L-sit performance has got better, and he has more visible definition in the upper abdominals.

“I’m still holding some fat over my lower abs, which is not too surprising, given that my focus wasn’t on fat loss as much as it was on muscle growth and strength,” he says, adding: “I don’t think being without a gym really limited my training too much with this goal.”

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