Sonam Kapoor shares diet secrets that help her deal with PCOS. Watch video

a girl in a pink dress: Sonam Kapoor shares details of her food intake. Photo: Instagram/ Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor shares details of her food intake. Photo: Instagram/ Sonam Kapoor

A few weeks ago, Sonam Kapoor took to her Instagram account and revealed that she suffers from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She even mentioned that she has had the condition for quite some years and because of it she has been to a lot of doctors and nutritionists in order to find things that work for her.

It took her some years but she was finally able to figure out the things that suit her. Continuing with that theme, Sonam shared another video that talked about her food habits and revealed the things that she eats and absolutely avoids. Just like last time, she gave a disclaimer and said that everyone should consult their dieticians first before following anything.

Sonam Kapoor’s food habits

She shared the gram which featured Sonam’s meals with the caption, “Firstly, thank you guys for such an overwhelming response to my PCOS video. Your words of encouragement has made me share Chapter 2 of this series: My PCOS Diet. Usually my food intake consists of everything natural, fresh and local. Wherever I am, I make sure I indulge in the produce that is locally and freshly available (sic).”

Sonam added, “A handful of berries with coconut yogurt is my go-to option for breakfast. This coupled with a cup of either spearmint or green tea and a bowl of greens keeps me energised on long days! Like I mentioned, your PCOS diet needs to be crafted by a professional dietician who knows about your struggles and pains. What’s on your plate, these days? Tell me if you’re struggling with PCOS, what do you indulge in? (Sic).”

In the last video, Sonam mentioned the three things that have been helping her. Exercise and yoga have become a part of her life. She also revealed that she has absolutely given up on refined sugar.

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