Singapore Gyms Offering Online Yoga, Pilates, HIIT and Boxing Fitness Workouts


a woman sitting on a table: Singapore gyms memberships for online fitness HIIT, boxing, spinning, pilates, yoga, barre classes

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Singapore gyms memberships for online fitness HIIT, boxing, spinning, pilates, yoga, barre classes

2020 is the worst year ever for anyone with a gym membership. Gyms have reopened, but there’s still a cap on the number of class attendees. As a result, booking a class is now tougher than getting a Grab in a downpour during rush hour.Until Singapore moves into Phase 3 of the COVID-19 pandemic (ie. the “Safe Nation” stage), the group sizes and capacity limits at gyms will stay in place. 

Fortunately, many gyms have started running online classes at lower prices than their regular studio packages. With the rise in working from home, joining a live online workout session with a local trainer, at a specific time in the same time zone, is a lot easier and quicker than getting up and going to the actual gym.

For those who like hearing their local trainer shouting at them to squeeze those glutes, here are some local gyms in Singapore offering HIIT, resistance training, spinning, yoga, pilates classes online. #supportlocal

Prices of online HIIT, circuit training, spinning and boxing fitness classes

Gym Type of workout Prices
Boom Singapore Cardio and resistance, circuit training  $10 – single class $30 – 5 classes $30 – 7-day unlimited $80 – 30-day unlimited
Ground Zero Full body workout on bike  $15 – day pass $350 – monthly pass
Haus Athletics HIIT-inspired workouts $15 – 1 class $36 – 3 classes $55 – 5 classes
Pure Fitness Group fitness including P90X, HIIT, cycling, strength training, power abs, movement and mobility, pilates, instarobics, dance, dance cardio, body combat, glutes, home circuit, power core, Latino jam, Tabata, body balance, grit cardio, body conditioning, functional kickboxing, etc Free for Pure Fitness Ocean Financial Centre and Ngee Ann City members
Absolute You Spin class $1,050 – 1 month access to online classes ($600 refundable deposit)
F45 Bodyweight, weighted, recovery workouts Free for members only
Crossfit Mobilus Fitness, personal training $150 per month $80 per session (personal training)
Spartans Boxing Personal training, boxing $50 – 1 session (personal training) $180 – 6 sessions (personal training) $45 per week (boxing)
Amore Fitness Workout classes including yoga, stretchfit, hip hop, pilates, energy sculpt, aero cardio, dance, piloxing, bellyblitz, etc Free for members
Ufit Yoga, pilates, strength training, cardio, HIIT, kickboxing, power, stretch and flow 2 credits per class 30 credits for $105 50 credits for $150 100 credits for $288 200 credits for $550 500 credits for $1,200 1,000 credits for $2,200


For cash-strapped people who could never afford to join a gym, the surge in online classes is actually a blessing in disguise as they’re often significantly cheaper than their real life counterparts. Plus if you don’t like how some people can be really judgy in gyms, online classes are great because you don’t have to turn on your laptop camera and just work out from the comfort of your home.

 If you’re not already signed up to a particular gym then this is actually a great time to sample a bunch of random fitness centres, while getting a professionally-led workout at a low price. Some of the livestreams are filmed in actual classes, so you’ll have a good idea of what the class is like in real life.

 On a lighter note, it’s also easier to avoid predatory salespeople trying to get you to sign up for a lifetime membership when you are but a virtual customer! You may have to deal with membership emails enticing you with sign up offers, which may actually be a good thing because you’ll know when the gym next has a promotion. A few gyms like Pure Fitness, Fitness First, Box Office Fitness and Barry’s Singapore have uploaded their workouts on their Instagram or Facebook channels.. If you are currently a member at a gym or fitness centre, ask to see if there is some kind of online option just in case you missed it.

Prices of online yoga, pilates and barre classes

Gym Type of workout Prices
HOM Yoga Flow, pranayama, core, vinyasa flow, yin, hatha vinyasa, anusara, prenatal, postpartum, etc Free
Jyan Yoga Alignment, stretching, sculpting, flow yoga $10 – one class $40 – one week unlimited
Yoga Lab Yoga (including flow and yinyang), barre (including arm sculpting, core sculpting) $48 – one month unlimited
Freedom Yoga Yoga (basics, flow, power), movement and meditation $10 / $15 / $20 / $25 / $30 – Donation-based single class $35 – 5 classes $50 – 10 classes $99 – 1 month unlimited
WeBarre Barre $15 – one class $35 – one week unlimited $100 – 10 classes
Advantage Pilates Pilates $12 per class
Pure Yoga Ashtanga, hatha, strength, universal, vinyasa, core alignment Free for Pure Yoga members
Yoga Bar Hatha, yin yang, vinyasa, ashtanga, chair, etc $15 – one class $150 – 12 classes
Art of Yoga Hatha, vinyasa, Sivananda basics, restorative, yin, etc $10 – one class $100 – 10 classes (current promotion gets you 11 classes)
Ziva Yoga Hatha, vinyasa, sunrise, gentle, inversions, yin, etc $15 – one class $60 – 5 classes $100 – 10 classes
Platinum Yoga Hatha, deep stretch, flow, yin, HIIT, non-hot, gentle, etc $16.50 – one class $107 – 10 classes
Real Yoga Hatha, stretch, meditation, hatha flow, sun salutations, core, slimming, inversion, body opening, cardio & core, etc $12 – one class $50 – 5 classes $88 – 1 month unlimited classes
Trium Fitness Yoga (basics, stretch, wheel, inversions, ring yogalates, yin), barre, pilates, zumba, piloxing, KpopX fitness $10 – one class $80 – 10 classes $100 – 1 month unlimited classes


When it comes to yoga, there is no shortage of classes for styles that don’t require special equipment or facilities, such as hatha and vinyasa. But if you’re used to doing, say, hot yoga or aerial yoga, you’re out of luck.

Other than the usual HIIT, yoga and pilates, you might be able to find online classes in a range of other disciplines such as MMA, muay thai or ballet. If it doesn’t require special equipment, you can probably find an online option. For those who do heavy weight training or spinning, unfortunately you still have to go to the gym, but there are some promos out there as gyms seek to recoup their losses after being closed. Or if you were one of those who rushed to Decathlon to buy dumbbells before the circuit breaker kicked in, you can add some weight to your routine as well, assuming you already know how to use weights correctly. 

The world is really your oyster when it comes to online workout videos, but if you can afford it we would really encourage you to #supportlocal. As an added bonus, when COVID-19 finally blows over, you’ll have a real live fitness community to exercise with in person. 

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