Personal Training Gym Charleston SC | Fitness Coach / Trainer

Flexibility, health, weight loss, muscle building, fat loss, and cardiovascular health – among other things – are the main goals that come to mind when we think of fitness. We need to do a ton of different activities to achieve these things right? Wrong. Strength training is the best way to achieve each of these goals simultaneously – as long as it is performed correctly. The details matter – consistency, frequency of training, and precision with the execution of a plan greatly determine the quality of your results.

This is why Cameron Cox became the first Certified Starting Strength Coach in the area. When you work Cam, your fitness routine becomes simplified. You’ll get a strategically and logically built fitness routine based off your goals and built upon scientific principles. At Cox Barbell Club, you won’t find the silly trends and fads that plague the fitness industry today. You’ll be sure to see the results you’re looking for today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Rest assured that you will gain strength and keep your body healthy and happy, reducing your risk of health issues and helping you live a longer life.

Cox Barbell Club isn’t like any other James Island gym. We set the standard for personal training in Charleston, SC and pride ourselves on the quality of results we’re able to achieve with our individualized programming.

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