Paul Scheer’s Quarantine Diet

Photo-Illustration: Megan Paetzhold. Photos: Getty Images/Courtesy the Vendor

Last week, New York and Grub Street asked some of our favorite past Grub Street Diet subjects to keep one-day diaries of what they eat while self-quarantining, which we’ll be running over the next few days. Here, Black Monday actor and comedian Paul Scheer walks us through his Monday, March 23.

What are hours? What are days? Is it a weekend? I don’t know! I’ve been self-distancing, a.k.a. quarantining with my wife and kids, for ten days. It feels victorious, but I also know it probably means nothing. I’m kinda using my own Groundhog Day analogy to see how much time we have left: If Dr. Fauci touches his face during a press conference, that means we have at least two more weeks of quarantine. If he’s not at the press conference, I assume that means we have at least a month or more.

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