Inciteful Launches Sales Assessment Software for Fitness Clubs and Studios

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Inciteful (, a software-as-a-service company serving fitness clubs, studios and weight loss providers has launched its new online assessment software for sales consultations and member progress evaluations.

Inciteful software ( delivers real-time needs analyses that enable clubs to optimize program recommendations for prospective members, convert sales consultations and create revenue roadmaps for additional offerings and membership upgrades. Inciteful diagnostics help clubs to demonstrate their expertise, personalize consultations and improve sales outcomes.

At a time when membership levels are down and it is difficult to attract new members, clubs have two imperatives – first, to differentiate themselves with prospective members and second, to maximize current member relationships. Inciteful software helps clubs to achieve both objectives.

Inciteful software is a suite of assessments of increasing depth that can be administered in-person and remotely on any web-enabled device including smartphones. This online assessment suite includes a body analysis, goal and activity profile, and advanced diagnostics for both fitness and weight management. Assessment data can be aggregated to understand groups such as for small group training, and to understand specific segments of a membership or prospect database for marketing purposes (

“Inciteful software draws on our experience working with over 100,000 members and conducting over a million sales consultations and progress evaluations in fitness and nutrition,” notes Inciteful CEO Paul Amoruso. “Our software achieves a breakthrough in the breadth and quality of assessments by compressing information capture into just minutes, and instantly generating analytics that educate and motivate prospects and members.” Amoruso continued, “There is an urgent need for clubs to improve the sales experience and institute a knowledge-driven, customer-centric approach to member relationship management, and we look forward to supporting clubs in this transformation.”

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About Inciteful: The Inciteful mission is to equip fitness and nutrition professionals to expertly assess prospective and current members so they can inspire them to take action, serve them better, and establish profitable long-term relationships. Inciteful real-time, online needs analysis software increases revenue and retention by elevating the content and quality of sales consultations and progress evaluations, differentiating offerings, personalizing service delivery and driving programming innovation.

For More Information Contact Paul Amoruso at 240-366-5050 or [email protected]

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