Healthy eating takes lockdown hit: IGD

IGD recently released results of new research revealing what it described as an ‘appetite from [UK] consumers to be healthier and more sustainable’ in their food choices.

More than 57{554322552816a46baa129cc1ab31b2aae22be5e23f407658ace83a643d80b0e9} of consumers are either considering changing, or already adapting their diets, to be ‘healthier and more sustainable’, the organisation’s annual Appetite for Change​ report suggested. This consists of 33{554322552816a46baa129cc1ab31b2aae22be5e23f407658ace83a643d80b0e9} who are already making changes and 24{554322552816a46baa129cc1ab31b2aae22be5e23f407658ace83a643d80b0e9} who are thinking about it.

“Moving people towards healthier and more sustainable diets requires a dietary shift which includes increasing consumption of plant-derived products including fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and plant-based proteins and a reduction in some animal products and foods high in fat, salt and sugar,”​ Hannah Pearse, Head of Nutrition and Scientific Affairs at IGD, told FoodNavigator.

COVID-19 is changing how people think about health

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed the role diet plays in our overall health and wellness in the spotlight, Pearse noted.

“We faced significant health and environmental challenges before COVID-19 and the global pandemic has brought these issues into the spotlight. Not only has COVID-19 highlighted our reliance on an effective and efficient food supply chain, but also reinforced that our diets are inextricably linked with our health. Evidence has shown that people living with obesity are 50{554322552816a46baa129cc1ab31b2aae22be5e23f407658ace83a643d80b0e9} more likely to die from COVID-19 and to help combat this, the government has launched a new strategy to reduce obesity,”​ she stressed.

The survey of 1000 UK consumers detected an increase in those who say health is an important purchase motivator. IGD found 63{554322552816a46baa129cc1ab31b2aae22be5e23f407658ace83a643d80b0e9} of people cited health as their primary driver, up from 58{554322552816a46baa129cc1ab31b2aae22be5e23f407658ace83a643d80b0e9} in 2019.

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