Healthy, but flavorful. Savory, but so simple. 6 dishes starting Sept. 30 | Recipes, Food and Cooking Tips

Healthy food can be downright delicious. Using peak-season, nutrient-dense ingredients, I have developed recipes that will show you how easy it is to cook healthy dishes at home that don’t skimp on flavor. By layering texture and savory ingredients, rather than relying on calorie-heavy techniques like frying, I’ll cook up dishes that are easy and healthy in this six-video series. 

The videos will be accompanied by feature articles that delve into cooking tips and tricks that make these recipes accessible for novice cooks, but intriguing enough that those experienced in the kitchen will come away with culinary inspiration. You’ll learn how easy it is to make a pan sauce to spoon over spinach-stuffed chicken breasts. Yogurt stands in for mayo and sour cream in a curried dip for sweet potato “fries” and a spread for packed-with-flavor chicken burgers. Craving a pot of chili during the crisp days of fall? My recipe for turkey chili with poblano peppers and hominy will become a go-to each year.

With an eye toward flavor, these recipes feature ingredients like sweet potatoes, spinach, garlic, peppers and ginger along with lean proteins. These hearty, healthy, crowd-pleasing dishes will bring your family to the table.

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