Healthcare Innovation Meets Collaboration at MIT Hacking Medicine’s Grand Hack

When Sanofi launched When Cancer Grows Old (TM) earlier this year, we called upon members of the global oncology community to help us bridge some of the gaps in the patient care experience to help ensure people living with cancer have access to the best quality of care available.

To help best drive real change, we sought to coordinate efforts and collaboration among advocates, healthcare providers, researchers, policymakers and others around the world. Because innovation does not happen in a vacuum, we knew we needed to work together to make the biggest impact.

We are excited to announce that we are tapping into the innovation and collaboration at this year’s virtual MIT Hacking Medicine Grand Hack, which attracts a diverse set of participants from a broad range of disciplines—doctors, patients, researchers, engineers, developers, advocates and more—to work together on identifying urgent needs and plausible, scalable solutions.

Sanofi Genzyme is sponsoring the “Customized Cancer Care” and the “Future of Aging” tracks, which align closely with the work we are doing with When Cancer Grows OldTM.


These endeavors are brought to the forefront amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which has tested our health care systems to the brink, and exposed where we might be falling short to meet the needs of vulnerable patient populations, including those aging with cancer.

The hackathon, like other collaborative efforts, is an opportunity to harness collective expertise to raise the bar on the current standards of care, while providing an opportunity to hold ourselves accountable to the vision of building a system that is better equipped to meet patients’ needs. To learn more about When Cancer Grows OldTM and our efforts to address the needs of people living with cancer, visit our website or follow Sanofi Genzyme on social media.

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