Freshly Might be Exactly What You Need to Create a Healthy ‘WFH’ Lunch Routine

Life moves pretty fast for an entrepreneur. Especially when you’re working from home. While you’re trying to manage a household, help transition the kids back to a school routine, and manage a remote workforce, all while getting your own work done, things can get pretty hectic. You might just forget to eat, or you might resort to leftover frozen pizza. Neither option sets you up for productivity.

Freshly is committed to making sure you don’t do that. While breakfast can be replaced with a shake or intermittent fasting, lunch and dinner are crucially important for keeping up your energy so you can accomplish your business goals. While you’re working from home, it’s essential that you’re eating well to keep up your energy, focus, and productivity. So you don’t always have time to prepare something. Freshly eliminates that excuse.

Freshly is a weekly subscription service that delivers fresh, never frozen, chef-cooked meals that are designed to be ready to eat in just three minutes. All you need is a microwave and a fork. (If you’d like a plate, go for it, but it’s not mandatory.) Their meals are gluten-free and free from 85 banned ingredients that are detrimental to your health. Unlike frozen microwavable meals, Freshly puts a premium on health without sacrificing convenience or taste. Their Cauliflower-Shell Bolognese and Sicilian-Style Chicken Parm will make you forget everything you think you know about gluten-free meals.

Freshly believes that eating right should be accessible to everyone and it’s designed the menu to maximize variety, convenience, cost, and health so you can enjoy the benefits of takeout without any of the drawbacks. Every week, you choose your meals ahead of time, Freshly prepares them and delivers them to your door fresh and ready to be re-heated. Plus all meals are single-serve for easy portion control. Sounds pretty great, right?

Eating right is easier than ever while working from home with help from Freshly. Right now, you can get $60 off your first four orders ($15 per order) when you sign up for Freshly using the code LAUNCH15. Start eating right today and your productivity will follow.

Freshly Might be Exactly What You Need to Create a Healthy ‘WFH’ Lunch Routine
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