Fitness Pros Take on the 5th Grade Presidential Fitness Test

Bodybuilder Jon Call, a.k.a. Jujimufu, has tried everything when it comes to physical challenges. He’s done calisthenics with Ninja World Champion Anton Fomenko, bouldering challenges, and other gymnastics routines. to test his strength and agility. His latest video is a throwback to elementary school—he’s taking on the Presidential Physical Fitness Test (alongside a group of other fitness pros) to see how their bodies hold up taking on the infamous fifth grade P.E. test.

The group of seven guys consists of bodybuilders, powerlifters, a ninja warrior, and a strongman, all with large online followings: Anton Fomenko, Joey Szatmary, Ian Daniel, Zack Telander, Marcus Leoni and Tom Boyden. So this should be a piece of cake for these pros, right? Wrong.

“Are you guys stronger than a fifth grader?” the guys are asked at the beginning of the video.

They respond with a resounding, “No.”

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For those who never had to sweat out the challenge, the Presidential Physical Fitness Test and passing standards are below:

Shuttle Run: 10 meter run back and forth 4 times in 10.3 seconds
1-Mile Run: 7 minutes, 57 seconds
Sit and Reach (flexibility measure): 30 cm
Pullups: 6 reps
Situps (a.k.a. Curl-ups): 45 in 60 seconds

Call is first on the shuttle run, and click in at 10.28 seconds, beating the standard by just .02.

“YEAH! You kids suck!” yells Call. The rest of the guys pass as well.

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Next up is the mile run. At the halfway point, Call has a time of 4:03, his pace set for an 8:06 mile. On the last lap he speeds it up, and he clocks in at 7:57, just what he needed to pass. Six of the guys end up passing with times between 6:28 and 7:57—and the one failed hard with a time of over 16 minutes.

The group takes a seat for the flexibility sit n’ reach test next. Call is first up and gets 40cm, passing with flying colors. The rest of the guys also pass, with numbers between 30cm and 43cm.

The guys head into a gym for the next challenge, pullups.

But before he does his reps, Call talks about how the test actually got him into fitness.

“The hardest part for me was the Mile Run. I had to get my dad to train me, he’s a runner,” says Call. “He took me out to the track after school and would time my splits for me.”

Call gets in 22 pullup reps, with the rest of the guys crush repping between 14 and 30 reps.

Finally, they get to the situps. Call is up first, and only gets 39.

“I can’t do it man. It’s like you’re doing pushups and you can’t do anymore. It’s failure,” says Call. “I’m not fitter than a fifth grader, so it’s kind of disappointing, especially since it’s the stupidest f*cking test.”

Five of the guys pass and two fail, falling between 34 and 51 reps.

At the end, they’re all handed out stickers for their accomplishments. Three guys (Call included) failed, while four prevailed.

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