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In September 2019, the 50th Force Support Squadron purchased a new check-in system for Airmen to track who is coming in and out of the fitness center on base.

The program, Gym Assistant, helps identify when patrons enter the facility and eliminated the previous process of physically logging information.

Along with tracking fitness center foot traffic, Gym Assistant gives the fitness staff a tool to assist with the novel coronavirus. If a patron has COVID-19, the system helps identify who else was potentially exposed to the virus.

“We haven’t had to do that, but it is something we’re considering if that situation were to arise,” said Seth Cannello, 50th FSS fitness and sports manager. “Dealing with COVID-19 and possible exposures we could see at the fitness center, it’s important for us to go back to say these are the people who could be at risk.”

The fitness center welcomed the additional benefit provided by Gym Assistant and Cannello said fitness center directors as well as sports managers ask him how Schriever’s fitness center monitors Airmen to ensure safety at the gym.

“I tell [managers and directors] about the system because nobody else has it,” Cannello said. “We had someone from the Air Force Academy look at the system. They wanted to see if they could use it, because leaders around the Front Range are concerned someone who has COVID might come in and use a fitness center, and they won’t be able to track it.”  

As for its intended use, Denise Schumacher, 50th FSS recreation aid, said the system makes it easier to keep track of Airmen to make sure they’re training properly and assist those who need help with their fitness assessment test.

“[Airmen] can come in, bring their [common access card] and we input their first and last name, whether they’re active duty, reserve, civilian,” Schumacher said. “We input their squadron information too. This helps a commander who might want to check on their Airmen, everyone is as organized by squadron. The whole process usually takes less than a minute.”

Mark Schuette, 50th FSS assistant fitness and sports manager, said the process for the gym’s 24-hour access requires different protocols.

“If you’re in the system, that doesn’t mean you have access to after hours,” Schuette said. “[To have] afterhours [access], you have to do an orientation and sign some paperwork.”

To register for after hours, visit the fitness center’s front desk. For more information regarding the fitness center, call 567-6628.  

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