Easy and healthy snack ideas list from Two Unique Caterers

When it comes to healthy snacks, whether for kids or adults, having things prepped and ready is the key to success. 

If the healthy options are not at your fingertips we will gravitate towards the more convenient, yet naughtier, prepackaged snacks such as chips, candy, or sugary treats. Its typically a good idea to have a snack zone in your fridge so kids know that this is their go to spot when they need a little something to carry them over until dinner. 

Jim Lenz from Two Unique Caterers & Event Planners joined us on The Nine with some easy snack ideas. 

Here are a few easy concepts to prepare in advance:

  • Prepared veggies with hummus or yogurt ranch dip
  • Washed and prepped fruit there are a lot of great yogurt dip recipes to make fruit more exciting
  • Amped up Apples! If your kids are too young to use a knife by themselves you can pre-slice the apple and hold it together with a rubber band. Instead of cutting the apple into wedges try cutting into slices, this way your kid can top it with a nut butter, granola, raisins, or chocolate chips. 
  • Frozen Banana Bites: This is a great one to do in advance, so you have a healthy snack waiting in the freezer. Simply peel and slice a banana into ½” coins. Sandwich 2 coins together with nut butter or Greek yogurt. Freeze on a sheet pan and then once frozen store in a zip bag. 
  • Frozen Yogurt Cups: This is also great healthy one to do in advance. Using a muffin tin, put a ¼ cup of Greek yogurt in each cup. Top with fresh or frozen fruit pieces, granola, dried fruit, or chocolate chips. Freeze overnight. Pop out each cup and store in a zip bag for your child to take at their leisure. 
  • Energy Bites: The internet is full of these recipes and they come in a million flavors and best part is they are no bake. Make them in advance and freeze them. Then simply pull put exactly what you need for the week. 
  • Mini Pancakes: These are not always for breakfast; they could make a super simple and filling snack. This is also a great way to use up a little bit of extra batter you may have on Sunday morning breakfast. Whip up your favorite pancake mix and create mini pancakes. Lay on a sheet pan and freeze until solid. Once frozen place in a zip bag. Your child can pull one or two out, microwave and top with syrup, honey, or berries. 
  • Power Toasts: This is not always for breakfast either. Start with a nice piece of whole grain bread and have nut butters, granola, dried fruits, chocolate chips, coconut, or nuts as a simple yet filling topping

There are some great items from the grocery store that are still healthy and save time:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Nut butter packets
  • Jerky (jerky can have lots of hidden sugar, look for the sugar-free kinds)
  • Proportioned packets of nuts
  • Individual yogurt or cottage cheese (lots of hidden sugar in these products so once again be cautious)
  • Pre-sliced Cheeses  

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