Dentist urges patients to seek routine dental care


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Are you going to your routine doctors’ appointments? Many people are still holding off on this type of care, but some medical professionals point to the importance of preventative care.

At PGA Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, staff and dentists are doing what they can to protect patients and staff from the coronavirus.

“We’ve had quite a few patients who are really nervous about leaving their homes or certainly going to the dentist,” Dr. Jay Ajmo said. “I see that the elderly patients are nervous about going to get their teeth cleaned.”

Ajmo said it is critical patients seek proper dental care.

“We don’t want to see somebody end up with a dental emergency or a health issue that affects their health and overall well-being because they don’t seek proper care,” he said. “So we’re making sure patients understand the real risk versus the perceived risk.”

Ajmo said they’ve stepped up efforts in a big way. He said the office has an updated air-purification system, UV lights in air handlers and HEPPA air purification filters to re-circulate air in the office four time an hour. He said they also use UV lights in rooms after every patient.

“Now we are purifying the water with UV light, which is killing any bacteria in water supply,” he said. “We now have high-speed vacuum systems that vacuum all of the water away from the patient and away from the dental drill.”

Sandy Hensarling, a patient, said she is very cautious and hesitated at first but decided to get her dental work done.

“I keep my teeth cleaned every few months, and so I made my appointment,” she said.

Hensarling said she was met at the door with new practices and measures.

“Temperature check, and they make you rinse your mouth out,” she said.

Hesarling now joins her dentist in stressing care even in a pandemic.

“It’s important to keep your teeth cleaned, because that can also create infections,” she said. “If I didn’t do that, I could have other problems and I sure don’t want to go to a hospital for anything.”

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