Delay routine dental care during pandemic

(WQOW)- If you’re due for a teeth cleaning or check-up, some health officials suggest holding off until the pandemic is under control.

The World Health Organization is recommending all routine dental work, as well as aesthetic treatments, should be delayed until COVID-19 transmission rates drop sufficiently. Officials say dentists often use aerosol spray treatment in their procedures, and spray-generating equipment can suspend particles in the air, increasing the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19. However, some dentists say delaying dental care can be detrimental to overall health, and you should continue to make appointments when needed.

“Our concern is that things only get worse in dentistry, so that can affect your overall health,” said Dr. Sean Tarpenning, a dentist at Hebert Dental in Eau Claire. “Delaying or postponing those treatments for an indefinite period of time doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.”

To help contain the spread of COVID-19 in dental settings, many offices including Hebert Dental have purchased high-quality air filters to trap those particles, and have given hydrogen peroxide rises to patients to kill viral particles in the mouth. The WHO says urgent dental needs should still be taken care of.

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