Data indicates 0.87 percent of world’s COVID-19 cases from Indonesia

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia accounts for 0.87 percent of the world’s reported COVID-19 cases as of Monday (Oct 5), according to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s statistical data.

By 9:23 p.m. local time on Monday, Indonesia had reported 307,120 COVID-19 cases, while the total tally of infections globally reached 35,241,027, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine noted on its official website.

With this percentage, Indonesia is currently ranked 22nd among 188 nations exposed to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s death toll from COVID-19 stood at 11,253, or 1.08 percent of the global total count of 1,038,151. With this mortality rate, Indonesia is ranked 17th among countries affected by COVID-19.

In terms of recoveries, Indonesia is ranked 19th, with 232,593 people declared free from the infection. The figure represents 0.94 percent of the global recoveries reported at 24,545,798.

Globally, the US still leads in terms of the number of COVID-19 cases, with 7,420,206; followed by 6,623,815 in India; 4,915,289 in Brazil; 1,219,796 in Russia; and 855,052 in Colombia.

With 209,811 people succumbing to the disease, the US recorded the highest mortality rate. Meanwhile, India witnessed the highest number of COVID-19 recoveries at 5,586,703.

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