Anthony Mendez Helps Fellow Fitness Coaches Move Toward Six Figures

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2020 / With a mission to help health and fitness professionals move their online brands and businesses toward six figures, Anthony Mendez of Mendez Fitness Pro uses the power of social media to make his clients’ business goals come true.

Anthony Mendez is a successful entrepreneur, fitness professional, coach, and athlete holding ten years of experience under his belt. He currently sits as one of the top-level athletes and coaches for the leading sports brand Puma and the famous fitness brand Onnit. He has hosted several fitness events in Miami, and he is one of the most dedicated community leaders and social media influencers in the fitness community. He is also a co-host of the Sweat It Out Podcast, which tackles health, fitness, mindset, business, and entrepreneurship.

As a fitness professional, he specializes in movement training and mindset coaching. What sets Anthony Mendez apart from other health and fitness coaches and trainers is his holistic approach. He utilizes unconventional tools on top of focusing on body weight, flows, and correctives. For him, it is all about “nourishing the mind, body, and soul.”

Anthony Mendez is not only a successful health and fitness coach, but he is also a rising entrepreneur and business coach who is committed to helping health and fitness professionals, trainers, and entrepreneurs who are struggling with their businesses. He and his company scale online brands and businesses to help fitness coaches succeed in their online coaching sessions and increase their social media presence.

Indeed, the health and fitness industry is extensive and competitive. For Anthony Mendez, the key to success is helping fitness professionals create a niche-driven brand identity that will surely attract a particular group of individuals and potential clients. “My goal is to help them sell high ticket programs that align with the level of expertise they have. Health and fitness coaches are ‘preventers,’ and it’s my mission to make sure these coaches get paid what they are worth,” explains the top-level athlete.

What motivated Anthony Mendez to start his coaching business was witnessing firsthand many great coaches who had no idea how online business marketing works. Many of them have no idea how to effectively use social media for marketing and for serving their clients. This reality encouraged the rising movement trainer to take action and help his fellow health and fitness professionals.

Ultimately, Anthony Mendez is committed to helping fitness coaches become more valued in the community. His deep understanding and connection with his fellow trainers and coaches show him the real struggles that need to be addressed. By knowing all the industry’s ins and outs, he is confident in the approaches that he takes in guiding businesses toward greater heights.

Anthony Mendez acknowledges that the online world is continuously changing, especially for the health and fitness industry. As the digital arena continues to grow and social media platforms continue to expand, he also continues to guide and coach health and fitness professionals in making a more significant impact in the lives of their clients and in reaching ultimate growth and freedom for their businesses.

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