10 Sex Positions for Guys With Serious Fitness and Workout Skills

10 Sex Positions for Guys With Serious Fitness and Workout Skills

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The Mountain Climber

The Mountain Climber is like missionary, only you’re propping yourself up with your arms. This position is also known as “The Push Up,” so you’ll need more than abs to pull it off successfully. You need to have strong shoulders, chest, and back too.

Yourself on the Shelf

Have your partner wrap their legs around you on the edge of the bed. From there, stand on up. You’re going to need some serious quad and glute strength to pull this one off.

The Captain

With you parter on their back, hold up their legs in a “V” position. You can get some serious glute action in if you squeeze your butt while thrusting, but this position is also great because it shows off your chest and abs.

Fire Hydrant

Traditionally in the fire hydrant, you start in doggy style and then lift up one of your partner’s legs and rest it on your thigh. But you can also lift up your partner’s leg with your arm. This grants you more access to their sweet spot and gives you a little arm and shoulder flex.


Face down, ass up… The heavy-duty thrusting required in this position tires out most men after 15 seconds. But not you, my friend. You can keep going and get really deep inside your partner.

The Golden Arch

This position is a little tricky to get into. What you’ll want to do is sit on the bed with your legs straight, and then your partner can sit on top of you. From there, get to business. You need to have strong triceps and shoulders for this position.

Happy Baby Pose

Once your partner is on their back, have them hold onto the soles of their raised feet. This is another great position for your partner to look up at you and see that built upper body.

Leap Frog

It’s like doggy style, but your partner is resting on the soles of their feet, instead of their knees. In this position, you can use that new arm and wrist strength to hold them by their sides, and really thrust them into you.

The Butter Churner

Have you partner lay back with their legs past their head. Then you can dip your penis into their vagina or anus. (Be careful in this position. You don’t want to injure your partner’s neck!) This position is also known as “The Squat Thruster” because when you do it right, you’re engaging in a deep squat. Squeeze both your glutes, baby.

The X-Position

Sit facing each other and raise one of your partner’s legs. Then scooch on in. This position doesn’t just require tricep and shoulder strength, it also requires a strong core to stable yourself.

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